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April 20, 2018

The Housing Market in NoCo - Rising Prices and a Shrinking Inventory

Buying a home in Colorado is without a doubt a great investment. Colorado ranks sixth in home price appreciation in the U.S. for 2017  with an annual appreciation of 9.76 percent (and a 59 percent increase over the last five years). That rate of return is a tremendous way to watch your money grow.

However, buying a home can be a daunting task under current market conditions for buyers. Lack of inventory is a serious constraint on sales volume in all NoCo Markets.

Here is what we are facing according to the Multiple Listing Service Summary Reports:


Ft Collins

  • New listings in March 2018 vs. March 2017 are down 9% for homes and 7% for condos.
  • Homes under contract are down 2% from March ’17 for homes and 16% for condos.
  • Sales of condos are down 16 % from a year ago and again lack of inventory is causing this. 
  • Single family home prices are up 8.3% for homes and 1.3% for condos over the last year. 


  • Inventory is a huge problem in Loveland  - new listings in March 2018 compared to March 2017 was down 23%!
  • Homes under contract the end of March are down 21% from a year ago.
  • Sold homes units are down 13% year to date from a year ago.
  • Single family home prices are up 9.4% for homes and 13.3% for condos over the last year. 


  • The number of new listings in March 2018 is up 22% over March 2017  for homes, but down 26% for condos.
  •  Homes under contract the end of March are up 27% from March ’17 and down 31% for condos.
  • Sold homes are down 4% this year compared to last year and really down - 33% for condos.  Lack of inventory is driving this.
  • Price for homes is up 16% and +0.5% for condos
  • This city is one of the last affordable areas in NoCo - demand is rapidly shrinking its inventory - especially for condos.  Average price of a home in Greeley is $325K -  $415K in Loveland - $455K in Ft Collins.

Do You Have a Plan to Buy a Home?

Recently we did a market analysis for a client of homes priced at around $325,000 in the Fort Collins area. We found 73 homes with similar parameters that had been sold since October 2017.  Of these,  22 sold for less than asking price, 16 sold for more than asking price and the rest - approximately 1/2 of the homes - sold for asking price.  Generally the above and below asking price sales were within a few thousand dollars of the actual asking price.  

If a broker finds an available home that their buyer likes, then the above information indicates the buyer needs to have been prepared to come to the table with a strong offer. It is extremely important that the buyers have been carefully pre-qualified for a loan - or better yet fully qualified for a loan by a top notch mortgage lender.

Being fully qualified for an appropriated loan or having an all-cash offer are the two best scenarios that will turn the head of any seller, but a large earnest money deposit also signifies a buyer is serious too.  

In summary, homes simply aren’t on the market for very long. The reality is that there are fewer homes for buyers and they go under contract quickly, which make purchasing a home very difficult for buyers. A buyer needs to have a good broker who knows when homes are listed as well as their up-to-the-minute status.  We would be glad to visit with you about how we successfully negotiate the purchase of homes in this extremely tight difficult market.  Please contact us so we can help you find that home you have been wanting. 


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March 30, 2018

What to Do in Northern Colorado in April 2018

March 30th-April 7th: Boulder Arts Week

"The 5th annual Boulder Arts Week will take place on March 30 to April 7, 2018, at venues throughout the city. Celebrating Boulder Artists, the Week is Boulder's only large-scale, inclusive celebration of our community's vibrant arts and cultural offerings, promoting and celebrating our city's thriving creativity. Join us to celebrate the city's excellent artists and arts and culture offerings such as art walks, First Fridays, exhibitions, performances, dance, music, theater, public art, artist demonstrations, lectures, readings, and workshops." Learn More about Boulder Arts Week

April 7th: Greeley Beer & Spirits Festival

"The 4th Annual Greeley Beer & Spirits Festival will feature some of the best breweries and distilleries from Colorado! As a fundraiser for the Greeley Philharmonic Orchestra, this exciting event will feature live music, fantastic food trucks, unlimited beer tastings, a prize drawing, and more! Get your ticket today!" Get Tickets & Learn More about Greeley Beer & Spirits Festival

April 7th-8th: Fort Collins Home & Garden Show

"The 1st Annual Fort Collins Spring Home & Garden Show is coming to the Sonny Lubick Field at Colorado State Stadium, April 7-8, 2018. This event showcases products like Energy savings windows, vr glasses, leafguard, hoverboards, heat depot, pillows, shoe tub, custom fountains & much more. Featuring the latest in design trends, remodeling, lifestyle and full home automation, see innovative home-based electronics at this cutting edge show. Tour local and national vendors with products and services for your home, garden and family living. Enjoy live demonstrations, food samples, and more." Get Tickets & Learn More about the Fort Collins Home & Garden Show

April 8th: Tulip Fairy & Elf Festival — Boulder

"Spring officially arrives in Downtown Boulder when the vibrant Tulip Fairy, along with pint-sized fairies and elves, gather on the Pearl Street Mall 'welcoming the tulips'. This beloved springtime tradition features special events and activities for girls and boys to celebrate the more than 15,000 tulips that adorn the world renowned Pearl Street Mall throughout the spring season. The event includes live stage performances, face painting, free activities for children and more!" Learn More about the Tulip Fairy & Elf Festival

April 20th-29th: Longmont Restaurant Week

"Join us for Longmont's first ever culinary celebration this April! Longmont Restaurant Week is a ten day long event that will feature a wide variety of prix fixe menus and specials all set at $18.71." Learn More about Longmont Restaurant Week

April 21st: National Parks Free Day — Estes Park

"Come experience Rocky Mountain National Park! On April 21st, all National Park Service sites that charge an entrance fee will offer free admission to everyone." Learn More about National Parks Free Day

April 21st: Loveland Classic 5k & 10k Event

“The Loveland Classic enters its 41st year with a continued celebration and focus on the local community. The event has cheered thousands of participants as they cross the finish line & raised over $80,000 in the past 11 years to support early childhood education in Loveland.” Register & Learn More about the Loveland Classic

April 27th-28th: Fort Collins Music eXperiment

"A weekend celebrating the Northern Colorado Music Scene! Come join us for our 10th annual FoCoMX—Fort Collins Music eXperiment. This year's event will be April 27-28, 2018, and will be held at 20+ venues throughout Old Town in Fort Collins, CO. Your FoCoMX wristband is your ticket into all FoCoMX venues to see all of the 200+ bands both Friday and Saturday. Buy one of these comfortable custom cloth wristbands, then keep it on for the entirety of the festival—that's your ticket in the door at each FoCoMX venue!" Get Tickets & Learn More about Fort Collins Music eXperiment

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Feb. 27, 2018

What to Do in Northern Colorado in March 2018

 A four leaf clover grows amongst grass

March 3rd: Polar Plunge - Boulder

“Take the plunge to support over 23,000 Colorado athletes with intellectual disabilities.  Participants commit to fundraising a minimum of $75 ($50 for students/athletes) to secure their place in the Boulder Reservoir Polar Plunge. Just a short time in the cold for a lifetime of opportunities for Special Olympics Colorado athletes!” Learn More about the Polar Plunge

March 8th: WWI Film Series: Wonder Woman - Longmont

“Diana, princess of the Amazons, is trained to be an unconquerable warrior and raised on a sheltered island paradise. When a pilot crashes on their shores and tells of a massive conflict raging in the outside world, Diana leaves her home, convinced she can stop the threat. Fighting alongside humankind in a war to end all wars, Diana will discover her full powers and her true destiny.” Get Tickets to Wonder Woman

March 10th: Boulder Lip Sync Battle

“Boulder Lip Sync Battle is an annual community event which brings people together to celebrate the art of performance. Much like the television show, contestants battle one another to perform hit songs paired with professionally designed lighting and stage effects. Get tickets now and don’t miss this one-of-a-kind Boulder experience!” Get Tickets & Learn More about Boulder Lip Sync Battle

March 17th: St. Patty’s Day with FATE Ale House - Lafayette

“We’re celebrating St. Patrick’s Day Saturday this year and have a bunch of great stuff planned. Hope to see you over the weekend and Happy St. Patricks Day! Slainte!” Learn More about St. Patty's Day with FATE Ale House

March 24th-25th: Hops & Handrails Beer Fest & Rail Jam - Longmont

“Back for its sixth year, Hops + Handrails Beer Fest & Rail Jam, returns March 24th & 25th to Longmont, Colorado with the support of Winter Park Resort, Burton Boards, and the Satellite Board Shop. The hybrid winter event will feature a 2-day beer fest with 55+ craft breweries. Day 1 will feature a 40’ high snowboard ramp & rail jam competition and headliner Karl Denson's Tiny Universe. Day 2 will be a family-focused winter wonderland featuring a sledding & tubing hill.” Get Tickets & Learn More about Hops & Handrails

March 25th: Spring Equinox Half Marathon & 4 Mile - Fort Collins

“Scenic country roads make for a great spring half marathon! Course is an out & back with a mix of paved & dirt roads rolling Northwest of the brewery. Celebrate the 1st day of Spring with an early season race!” Register & Learn More about the Spring Equinox Half Marathon

March 30th-April 7th: Boulder Arts Week

“The 5th annual Boulder Arts Week will take place on March 30 to April 7, 2018, at venues throughout the city. Celebrating Boulder Artists, the Week is Boulder's only large-scale, inclusive celebration of our community's vibrant arts and cultural offerings, promoting and celebrating our city’s thriving creativity. Join us to celebrate the city’s excellent artists and arts and culture offerings such as art walks, First Fridays, exhibitions, performances, dance, music, theater, public art, artist demonstrations, lectures, readings, and workshops.” Learn More about Boulder Arts Week

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Feb. 6, 2018

Buying a Home is a Team Sport

For first time buyers, purchasing a home initially looks like a mind boggling adventure. What to do and when to do it is extremely important. Here are the players buyers will need to make their dream of home ownership come true.

The Real Estate Agent

The agent is the buyer's guide through all the complex steps of finding and purchasing a home. An experienced realtor will help buyers understand the ins and outs of putting together a successful contract and how and when the transaction's steps take place. As a Buyer's Agent, this person will be an advocate and sounding board as individuals move through the various steps of the purchase process.

The Mortgage Lender

The first thing a good realtor will do is to advise the buyers to talk to a mortgage lender—even before they begin to look at homes. Talking to several lenders will help buyers understand the different kinds of loans that might work for them. Most importantly, the lender will look at buyers' credit reports for errors and suggest ways to improve their credit scores. Finally, the lender will offer specifics in terms of the price of the homes that can be afforded and provide the buyers with the all important pre-qualification letter their realtor will need to submit a contract on a home. For more information on what a lender can do check out this blog on the importance of choosing a mortgage loan professional. Going with a good mortgage loan professional is critical to a good outcome.

The Home Inspector

The Realtor can provide buyers with the names of well-qualified and insured inspectors. These individuals will give a clear critical look at the home and any problems it might have in terms of important structural and mechanical features. The buyers will get a detailed report to review immediately after the inspection. This document will be the basis for an inspection objection in which the buyers will request the sellers to repair or replace items of concern. A good resource for more information on inspections can be reviewed in this blog post.

The Appraiser

This individual will be hired by the lender to assess the value of the home so the buyers can be sure that it is worth what they are offering for it. His report will protect the buyers and the lender to make sure the buyers are not overpaying for the home.

The Closing Agent

The closing agent can be either a title company or an attorney who works with the buyers, sellers, and lender to bring everything together for the sale of the property.  It is the closing agent's responsibility to escrow funds and ensure the contract is being followed.

Find Your Team

Purchasing a home doesn't just involve legal protocols; it is also a very emotional experience. A good team will get buyers through the process of becoming home owners as efficiently and stress-free as possible.

If you would like to know more about the process of buying a home, please contact us.

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Jan. 30, 2018

What to Do in Northern Colorado in February 2018

Pink and red heart-shaped cutouts hanging from ceiling

February 1st-3rd: Bobby Collins: Fort Collins

“Bobby Collins' heartfelt humor engages audiences with a clever blend of characterizations and hilarious observations that everyone can relate to. He takes the funny business very seriously. Over the years, he has hosted VH-1′s “Stand Up Spotlight”, toured with Cher, Julio Iglesias, Dolly Parton and Tony Bennett, among others, and been nominated for a CableACE Award. He has produced five CD’s, three DVD, and one book.” Learn More & Get Tickets for Bobby Collins

February 1st-15th: Winter Olympics Film Series: Longmont

“While the world is going Olympics-crazy, the Museum helps you prepare by showing the best winter sports movies! All movies are specially paired with a signature cocktail, and galleries are open (5 – 9 pm) to enjoy for free with your film ticket.” Learn More & Get Tickets for the Winter Olympics Film Series

February 2nd: Honor Africa Night: Fort Collins

“Northern Colorado is invited to celebrate the world’s second largest continent during 'Honor Africa Night' at the Global Village Museum of Arts and Cultures. In collaboration with local experts, researchers, collectors, and international travelers, the Museum opens a stunning exhibit with an exceptional program series.” Learn More about Honor Africa Night

February 2nd-May 13th: WWI: Longmont & the Great War Exhibit Opening

Drawn image of three soldiers behind the barricade of a trench with text WWI: Longmont & the Great War“Be among the first to experience the Longmont Museum’s new WWI exhibition. Join us for a night in France, complete with complimentary appetizers from the Cheese Importers and live jazz. Cash bar with wine, beer, and signature drinks. As the United States commemorates the centennial anniversary of the American military entering World War I, the Longmont Museum unveils a new exhibition illustrating Longmont’s role in the Great War. 'WWI: Longmont & the Great War' tells the personal stories of World War I through the experiences of people from Longmont – soldiers, doctors, and nurses in training and overseas, as well as citizens on the homefront. Items from the Museum’s collections make up the bulk of the exhibition, including full infantry uniforms, artifacts relating to medical care during the War, an airplane propeller, propaganda posters, photographs, letters and diaries, and many other personal objects.” Learn More & Get Tickets for WWI: Longmont & the Great War Exhibit Opening

February 3rd: Boulder Philharmonic: Cirque Goes to the Movies

“Join us for a spectacular family experience featuring music from Harry Potter, Star Wars, Mission Impossible, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Titanic, plus the dazzling magic of the circus with aerialists, acrobats, contortionists, and more!” Learn More & Get Tickets for Cirque Goes to the Movies

February 9th-11th: Loveland Fire & Ice Festival: Loveland

Heart-shaped logo with red flames making up the left side of the heart and blue ice making up the right side of the heart, text reads: Loveland Fire & Ice Festival

“The Nation’s Sweetheart City comes alive for Valentine’s Day with the Loveland Fire & Ice Festival, Feb. 9-11. Two days and three full nights of fun featuring an explosive fireworks show with music and lights, ice sculpting, live entertainment, fire performances, the new Fire Sculpture People’s Choice competition, Brewing and Distilling Arts and more.” Learn More about Loveland Fire & Ice Festival

February 11th: Taco Triathlon: Fort Collins

Text reads: Taco Triathlon, with three circles beneath, on far right a white outline of a bicycle on a purple circle, in center a white outline of a woman in lotus pose on a blue & green circle, and on right a white outline of a taco on a pink circle

“Come test your physical endurance with a unique triathlon experience brought to you by Yoga Pod Fort Collins and Cyclebar Fort Collins. Can you complete a 45 min cycle class, 60 min of yoga and eat an entire taco? Come find out on Feb 10th 2018. Race participants will receive a goody bag, logo tank and bragging rights.” Learn More & Get Tickets for the Taco Triathlon

February 22nd-25th: Boulder International Film Festival: Boulder

Logo image text reads: Boulder International Film Festival

“The Boulder International Film Festival brings films and filmmakers from around the world to Boulder for a four-day celebration of the art of cinema.  Featuring a wide variety of films from local, national, and international filmmakers, including many that have gone on to significant box-office success and multiple Oscar nominations.” Learn More & Get Tickets for the Boulder International Film Festival

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Jan. 24, 2018

Northern Colorado Real Estate Market Forecast for 2018

large house

Various entities have been making predictions about where the real estate market in Northern Colorado will be heading in 2018. Here is my summary of what they are finding.

The general consensus and predictions for where prices are going in 2018 are:

  • Fort Collins up 8% in average price from $422,000 in 2017 to $455,00 in 2018
  • Loveland up 7% in average price from $412,000 in 2017 to $440,000 in 2018
  • Greeley up 9% in average price from $346,000 in 2017 to $377,000 in 2018

Low inventories of affordably priced homes will continue to be a problem in many parts of the market during 2018.  According to recently posted data, 70% of homes sold in Fort Collins and Loveland were under $400,000. Builders' continually increasing costs for materials, fees, and scarce labor make it very difficult for them to create residential homes at or below that price. These new homes are out of the reach of most buyers. So, as I mentioned in this blog regarding the dichotomy of the housing market in NoCo, there are some parts of the market in balance or even over-supplied with homes as buyers moves to higher price points.

stacks of coins getting shorter from left to right with a block in the shape of a house on the far right

Interest Rates are Probably Headed Up Too

Matthew Gardner, a national housing economist, predicts interest rates one year from now will be 4.4% (about 0.5% higher than today). He gave the example of "buyers thinking about waiting until the market cools off. For them there is a potential real cost to that wait. If prices and interest rates go up as predicted, a one-year wait would equal over $200 per month for a $400,000 home."

If you are thinking about buying a home soon, now is the time to get pre-qualified for a mortgage—before you even start looking at houses that are on the market. You won't be able to make an offer on a home if you cannot produce a letter from a lender pre-qualifying you for its purchase. I go into more detail in this post on the importance of seeking a lender first.

We can help you get into a home you are qualified to buy as quickly and efficiently as possible. Please contact us if you're ready to purchase your next home.

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Jan. 19, 2018

A Pre-Listing Home Inspection: Is It Right For Your Situation?

large home

A profoundly troubling situation arises when sellers are caught unaware of problems that could undermine their need to sell their home at its highest potential price. One of the best steps that can be taken to avoid this is to have a professional home inspection prior to listing.

A pre-listing inspection can uncover previously unknown minor or major problems, allowing sellers the opportunity to make repairs or replacements as needed or deal, or not deal, with them as they wish. By being aware of these issues before the home goes on the market, it can be listed with a greater knowledge of its condition as would be reflected in the Seller's Property Disclosure. This can result in cleaner offers and a smoother transaction for both parties. Having well-informed sellers and buyers will work to everyone's advantage.

clip image of a large cartoon figure examine a smaller house with a magnifying glassMake Sure the Inspection is Comprehensive

Being sure that the pre-listing inspection is comprehensive is critical if it is to be considered valid by a potential buyer. We make sure that photographs are always part of a professional report so that full documentation of conditions is available to both the sellers and potential buyers. This is especially important when it comes to issues that might not be addressed or repaired prior to sale.

In many contracts a seller only has a couple of days to respond to an inspection objection and is caught off guard by an issue and what a buyer actually requests that they do about it. With a pre-inspection the seller will know beforehand about any problems and the real extent of them. This allows a seller to develop a response strategy immediately, rather than waiting for the pressure cooker environment caused by a short timeline and a lack of knowledge about what something will cost to fix and the various ways to fix it. Many contracts fail because the seller just does not have time to methodically analyze a request for a significant repair and because of this, the seller simply refuses to cooperate with the buyer and the contract fails.

a hand holds up a small model of a house against a yellow backgroundThe professional inspectors we refer to clients must carry E&O Insurance. We always make sure the report is generated immediately at the completion of the inspection so a seller can begin to gain knowledge about how to deal with potential repairs.

For more information about home inspections in general, check out this blog and its emphasis on the importance of buyer and seller cooperation in negotiating inspection items.

Please contact us and we will be glad to answer any questions you might have about home inspections.

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Jan. 4, 2018

What to Do in Northern Colorado this January

Mittened hands holding a steaming mug of coffee

January 4th-7th – Winter Wonderlights: Loveland

“Loveland’s new Winter Wonderlights is a walkable holiday lighting attraction situated in the award-winning Chapungu Sculpture Park at Centerra. Guests will be mesmerized as they stroll through the sculpture park, which has been transformed for the holidays. Each night, enjoy holiday string lights, twinkling bulbs, LED mappable snowflakes, illuminated African stone sculptures and 30-minute music and light shows every night starting at 5:30 p.m.” Learn More about Winter Wonderlights Logo reads 22nd Annual Lafayette Oatmeal Festival with images of a running figure and spoon of oatmeal with blueberries

January 13th – Lafayette Oatmeal Festival

“22nd Annual Lafayette Oatmeal Festival is a popular family event focusing on healthy lifestyle.   A unique festival including an Oatmeal Breakfast, 5K Walk/Run and NEW this year - Ninja Warrior Course.” Register and Learn More about Lafayette Oatmeal Festival

January 13th-14th – Estes Park Winter Festival

Image reads Estes Park Winter Festival on the backdrop of a snowflake“Celebrate the winter season in Estes Park at the Estes Park Winter Festival weekend! Taste award-winning chili (while supplies last), sip a variety of beers, browse retail vendors, enjoy live entertainment and more at the Estes Park Winter Festival, Martin Luther King, Jr. Weekend 2018 at the new Estes Park Events Center!” Learn More about Estes Park Winter Festival

January 19th – Fort Collins Foodie Walk

Image reads Fort Collins Foodie Walk Every Third Friday on a white background with small images of food items“The Fort Collins Foodie Walk offers a way for people to explore and enjoy the world of food and spices! Who is a foodie?  Foodies are people who simply love food for consumption, study, preparation, and recreation. Foodies wish to learn everything about food, the best and the ordinary, and take in the science, industry, history, and characters surrounding food. Culinary shops in Downtown Fort Collins focus on unique quality ingredients, locally sourced and organic produce in their shops.” Learn More about Fort Collins Foodie Walk

January 23rd – Noah Gundersen at The Fox Theater: Boulder

“Westword Presents: Noah Gundersen live at The Fox Theater featuring Elizabeth Gundersen. Noah is no longer lighting votives, but dumpster fires—big, bright, symbolic and chaotic. Musical vignettes of combustion, rubbish, degeneracy and, perhaps most comfortingly, warmth; because sometimes overlooked in the mad grasping for heady, introspective Authenticity is music that’s heartfelt.” Get Tickets and Learn More about Noah Gundersen

Image reads Bootstrap Brewing Chili Cook Off January 27th 5-8pm Ask Beertender for More Details with images of chilis and Clint EastwoodJanuary 27th – Bootstrap Brewing Chili Cook-off: Longmont

“Join us at Bootstrap Brewing in Longmont for a chili cook-off! There is no entry or tasting fee and judging will be done by the general public. Come have some great beer and pick your favorite from 5-8pm!” Learn More about Bootstrap Brewing Chili Cook-off

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Dec. 26, 2017

Federal Reserve Interest Rates are Moving Up - How About Mortgages?

This week, for the third this year, the Feds have raised interest rates - this time it was for 0.25 percent. Based on what we are hearing from mortgage lenders, the current 30 year rate is sitting around 3.93 percent right now.

Historically, according to Mortgage Bankers Association, the 30 years rates, over the last 20 years have trended down:
3.90% 6 months ago
4.13% 1 year ago
3.54% 18 months ago
3.32% 5 years ago
5.96% 10 years ago
7.15% 20 years ago

Business news reports indicate that the Federal Reserve will probably raise their rates up to four more times in 2018, and the Mortgage Bankers Association predicts rates will rise to 4.8 percent near the end of next year. Freddie Mac's prediction moves them to 4.4 percent.

The Increasing Cost of a Mortgage - What It Means For the Home Buyer

Today a $200,000 30 year mortgage - at 3.93% - costs a home owner $947.00 per month for principle and interest  - $11,364 per year - with a total  interest of $140,839 for the life of the loan.
By then end of next year, if the predictions are correct and we use a rate of 4.6% it will cost an owner $1025 per month - $12,300 per year - with a total interest of $169,103 for the life of the loan.

It could cost a home owner nearly a $1000 more per year and $28,264 more in interest for the life of the loan by the end of 2018.

Housing Price Will Increase Too

For a home buyer, this all gets much more expensive when you also factor in the increasing price of housing in Northern Colorado. Last year the average price of a home increased 13.9% in Fort Collins - and more in other areas of NoCo.

So theoretically, if trends continue, it would push the needed mortgage amount up to $227,800 based on last year's increase. By the end of 2018 the cost per month for the mortgage could jump to $1167 per month - $14,000 per year - with the total interest for the life of the loan moving to $193,000.

This would be $2600 more in payments per year and $52,000 more in total interest on the loan when compared to the cost of buying a home today.

The Bottom Line - Buying a home now, as apposed to next year, will save a home owner thousands of dollars in mortgage costs. Please contact us so we can help you get started finding that home you would love to have today.  

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Dec. 18, 2017

Colorado Continues to Attract New Residents - By the Thousands

According to the latest American Community Survey from the U.S. Census Bureau, the net migration into our state in the last year was 30,859 people. In Northern Colorado the net migration in Larimer County was 7,001 people - for Weld County it was 7117.

What Does This Mean For Housing?

On average, 2.5 people are in each home so the number of new units required for these new residents would be 2800 in Larimer County and in Weld County it would be 2874. Clearly we will continue to have a housing deficit as builders struggle to keep up with demand. Also, prices continue to rise all across Northern Colorado, as indicated in the chart below, while wages continue to lag behind the increasing costs of housing.

These ever increasing housing prices are going to impact the potential sale of homes available at higher price points  - they are simply not going to sell like they have in the past when Baby Boomers were looking for bigger homes for large families to gather in. The next wave of buyers are the Gen-Xers, who seem to be more interested in putting their resources into life experiences and less into a big home. This attitude, in combination with the cost of getting into a loft, condo, or town home, has already impacted the sale-ability of homes over $700,000. 

The Dichotomy and Importance of Housing Inventories at Different Price Points

High end homes are available in large numbers in NoCo and their supply sits at around 9 months. For the average priced home in Fort Collins, the available inventory has traditionally set at about 6 months. The supply for that $400,000 home is now very tight at 1.89 months. Larry Kendall, in the Biz Week Magazine, predicts that prices in the high end market homes have the potential to actually decline. There are just not enough buyers out there when compared to the inventory on hand. 

So, we have a market with two faces. If you are looking for that large home you have always dreamed about owning, now may be the time to buy as competition for these homes has decreased and low interest rates still prevail. Kendall says, this is "the best 'move-up' market in 40 years."

For more information about how to approach this dual market, please contact us.

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