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We are definitely still in the "Buy a Home NOW" mode here in Northern Colorado. Mortgage rates are at the historically low level of 4.4% for a 30 year fixed mortgage. In 1990 they stood at 10.13%. For every 1% decline in interest rate you can afford a house that is worth about $10,000 more than at the higher rate. If you were buying a house now for $200,000 with a 10.2% mortgage interest rate and it dropped to 4.2%, you would  be able to afford a house worth $50,000 more -$260,000 - for the same mortgage payment because of this huge rate difference. That is one great reason to consider buying now.

Great Reasons to Buy

The traditional reasons to buy still exist for people who have a good credit rating and the resources. You'll save on taxes and you can deduct the mortgage interest from your income taxes. There are lots of great real estate buys in all price ranges in Fort Collins, Loveland, Wellington and Windsor. Also, we still have an over abundance of inventory - lots of choices and you can pick the cream of the housing crop along the Front Range.  

To find out more about the great opportunities to "Buy a Home NOW in Northern Colorado" please give me a call at 970-412-1657.

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