Buying a Home in Northern Colorado

Very little compares to living on the high plains of Colorado. The majestic Rocky Mountains rise in the west and mornings are announced by beautiful sunrises and spectacular colors. Wide open spaces with quick access to the mountains make this a wonderful place to call home. As the real estate market rebounds, it is important to take care and prepare for the purchase of your new home.

Dos and Don'ts

If you are about to buy a home you should consider the dos and don'ts that affect the eventual purchase:

  1. If you’re truly serious about looking, list your home first. In the present economy it is more difficult than ever to get a complicated sale through the process. Contingency sales are rejected now more often than ever.
  2. Make sure you clearly know what your price range is before you start looking. Not doing so can lead to all kinds of problems including buying a house you can't afford and wondering how you are going to pay your light bill later on.
  3. Don't buy the home you "have to have" — buy what you can afford as indicated by a mortgage lender.
  4. Importantly, don't make a silly offer that is well below what a seller might reasonably accept. Doing so often makes the seller mad and they may not even bother to counter - basically telling you to get lost.  
  5. Finally, one should not get emotionally attached until you have had an inspection. Get it done as early as possible in the process so you can cut and run if things aren't as you had hoped.  

There are many wonderful properties for sale in Northern Colorado that are great buys right now. With interest rates the way they are it is the time to buy. Please contact us or give us call at 970-412-1657 and we will help you navigate the ins and outs of the most important purchase of your life.

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