Northern Colorado Life Style

The Northern Colorado Life Style is what the good life is all about. You will find a population that is generally culturally diverse, highly educated, physically active and very healthy - that of course includes all age groups. We have a wonderful four season climate, clean air, water, plenty of recreational opportunities, and one of the most beautiful back drops one can imagine - the Rocky Mountains, including pristine Rocky Mountain National Park at our door step.

Wallace Stegner, a relative of ours, called national parks "the best idea we ever had. Absolutely American, absolutely democratic, they reflect us at our best rather than our worst."

Growing Economy and More Jobs

If you are thinking about coming to join us, you will also find our economy is better here than elsewhere in the country. Jobs are coming back on line and we are seeing an increase in manufacturing, especially in equipment used in Green Industries such as wind and solar energy generation. Oil production will also play a key role in the recovery of our economy as well. The health care industry also seems to be looking for workers too.

The area is also supported by a great real estate market in which homes are moderately priced and abundant when compared to other parts of the United States with recovering economies. We can help you find a great residence for your family or a perfect home to settle into, set down your roots, and RETIRE. We have a fast growing 55 plus population here and there are lots of reasons why.

Fast and Effective Searches

Want to look for a home on your own - try out our Advanced Home Search or the simple search feature above. This is the fastest search with the best filters and features to make you searching a breeze. After you check it out give me a call at 970-412-1657 and I will be glad to show you how to use it most efficiently. If you find a piece of real estate that catches your fancy let me know and I will give you more information.

My wife Bonnie and I have enjoyed the Northern Colorado Life Style all of our lives. Our families have both been here for over 80 years and we have managed to keep all our kids (and the grandkids) here too. As a matter of fact New Era Group is a family real estate business owned by Native Coloradoans. Check us out - you will be glad that you did.

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