I've had people walk in the door of a home I am showing them and they almost immediately fall in love with it. I even had one woman break into tears when she entered a 104 year old Victorian. 

Fall in love with house

This is a wonderful moment for clients. But it also can be a moment where a buyer looses track of what might be some real practical concerns in terms the hidden problems or costs involving the home or the neighborhood it sits in.

Here are a few things that a good Realtor will help a buyer with that allows them to settle into a less emotional state as they move through the process of checking out the home and its surrounding area.

1 - What is the Neighborhood like?

Make sure and visit with people who live near and around the home and see if it is considered to be a pleasant and safe place to live. 

Neighborhood good?

Having good neighbors is one of the real joys of home ownership.

2 - Your Nose Knows

Use the nose when investigating a home. Is it possible that the perfumed odor from a infusion device or a nice spice simmering on the stove is there to hide an unpleasant odor — such as mold or lingering animal smells? 

3 - See the Actual House through the Staging

Remember that room sizes can appear differently — if the home is empty its rooms will appear larger than they might actually be. If they are furnished, ignore the furnishings that are in the home and envision, or even measure the rooms, to see how ones personal furniture would fit in the room. Many times homes are staged to put their best foot forward. Look past the staging and make sure you see the real home behind it. 

4 - Unexpected Noises at Different Times of Day

Visit the house multiple times at different times of day - especially during high volume traffic times - when school gets out and at rush hour. Ask a neighbor about train whistles - especially the really loud ones that come at night. 

5 - How About Schools in the Area?

school buses

How important are the schools to individuals - we always help clients check out the quality and location of schools. Close proximity to a school is great when you have kids. If one is across the street or if the home is in a heavy traffic pattern associated with a school, this can be a real nuisance.

6 - Prepare for Some Fixing No Matter What

Understand that the seller probably will not repair or replace all items that were found on the inspector's list of issues. One will have to fix stuff on their own and doing so could be costly.

7 - How Much Upkeep does a Property Require?

Mow the lawn

Keeping a house and property maintained is often overlooked when purchasing a home. Really big homes have lots of rooms that need cleaning and big yards need to be mowed. Maybe you love to do these chores — or maybe you can afford to hire help getting the weekly jobs around the house done. Either way, factoring in the regular maintenance of a property is an important consideration. 

Falling in Love with a home is the first step, but only the first step in buying a home.

Here is another informative Blog I wrote that outlines 4 more questions that  buyers should be asking themselves as they move into and through the process of buying home.


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