I have two quick examples of my title to this article.  The best type of advice to get is FREE advice – albeit, it has to be GOOD advice as well – the advice I will give you here is based on proven history!

I was reading the Real Estate section of the Coloradoan newspaper earlier today, and came across an article written by Dave & Pam Pettigrew, who routinely write for the newspaper.  They were talking about Vancouver, Canada and the state of the real estate market in that area.  One of their points was well received, as I experienced the same thing while selling new homes in the Southern California market for the last several years – and that is the investment of foreign investors in real estate, particularly investors from China, who are anxiously diversifying their assets out of their home country.  

Real Estate Builds Wealth

Anyway, the point I’m trying to make came at the end of Dave & Pam’s article, and it’s quite simply this: they stated that 27 years ago, the average selling price of a detached home in Vancouver was around $140,000, and last month, the average selling price was $935,000.  This is a 600% increase over a 27 year period.  Holy smokes!  Real Estate builds wealth over time – this is a major take-away from this article.

And now the punchline from Dave & Pam we’ve been waiting for:  “We just wish we had invested more – twenty five years ago”.  So, that’s one example, and the second example comes direct from my father-in-law, who bought his first single family home in Southern California many years ago for a mere $27,000.  That same house is worth around $500,000 today, and rents for about $2,400 per month (this is in CA, but you get the point…).  And his punchline: “I wish I had 3 or 4 of these…”! 

Make an Investment for Your Future

It’s hard to predict the short-term, but gets a bit easier to predict the long-term. Let’s get you off the fence about purchasing that next property, whether it’s for yourself, or as an investment, NOW is the TIME to BUY!  Contact me, and I’ll help you with a plan and put you on your road to purchasing that next property!  Contact Dan at 970-290-6164 and let’s make this happen!

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