Here are some ideas about how to Pack for the Move to your new home.


Moving to a new home is exciting - but packing up your stuff in your old place can be exhausting. Here are several ideas that will make the job easier and less daunting. 


  •  Get things packed up early.  Pack everything you will not need between now and  when you will be moving.   Its like eating an elephant - one box at a time. 
  • Don't use just any old box - if you are getting boxes from local merchants make sure they are sturdy, clean and, when closed, they do so all the way. There are special boxes for glass ware and china - buy them as they are built to protect precious cargo.
  • Have plenty of tape for sealing the boxes, zip lock bags for small things. Use printless packing paper as newspaper, if used on some items will leave stains or smudges.
  • Do not mix things from different rooms - pack rooms separately and you will find it easier when you unpack as you will only have boxes you need in specific individual new rooms.
  • Don't over load boxes - put heavy items in small boxes - if a box is to heavy it could break your back or split and dump its contents in a place you do not want it to be. Larger boxes can be used for pillows, clothing and anything else that can be squished if the box gets mishandled.  Finally - pack the boxes tightly without empty spaces - fill these spaces with paper or some of your bathroom towels. 


If you are thinking about downsize, this creates additional problems - check out this Blog regarding the challenges of moving into a smaller home. 


Please give contact us as we can recommend good local moving companies and other resources that might be helpful.







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