familyWhen I was a youngster growing up in rural Northern Colorado, I thought nothing of the fact that there were 3 generations of my family living in homes next to each other on our farm. My grandparents, my parents and my two siblings and I lived together on our dairy farm. My grandparents, at the time, were pretty much limited to gardening and puttering about, but, of course, they were always supervising the actual work we were doing on the dairy. There is nothing like having parents and grandparents making sure that you are doing your chores properly and on time. I did enjoy filling the calf watering tank with a garden house in front of my grandma’s house because it allowed me to sit and visit with her, eat some of her great sugar cookies, and stay away from the milking barn. Sometimes it took an awful long time to fill that tank.  

Time passed and my grandparents passed away, but the multiple generation living arrangement continued. I worked at Colorado State University as an editor for a few years after I got my Master’s Degree, but eventually, after our first child was born, I went back to working on the farm. Incidentally, we lived in my grandparent’s home for a while until we built a new one for ourselves. Jumping forward in time, our children had children and they too lived for periods of time in one of the 5 homes on the property. It was wonderful in that the youngest generation got to enjoy their great-grandparents and grew to know them well. So in the final years we lived on the farm, we had 4 generations of family living in the same compound. All in all it was wonderful.

Millions of Americans Live in Multi-Generational Housing

Currently, 51 million Americans have multi-generational housing arrangements in place and many more choose to live very close to extended family. It is a phenomenon that is only growing more common. We have sold a significant number of homes to families that are moving across country to bring young families closer to the grandparents and vice versa. It is always fun. Sometimes they end up buying a “multi-generational home”, or at least one within a few minutes of each other. Although not in the same residence, we live within a 5 minute walk of 3 of our grandkids and it is wonderful. The support and perspective given by each family member is an important part of life for all of us. For the grandkids they get the perspective of a generation that has lived a much different life from that of their parents or theirs. For the Mom and Dad, the presence of their parents provides a safety net in terms of child care (and nights out too).  Finally, for the Grandparents, it allows them to age in place securely and gives them the wonderful opportunity to experience the high energy and stimulating world the grandkids bring into their lives. 

We Have a Great Multi-Family Home in Windsor for You

If this all sounds interesting and exciting to you and your family, we can help you find areas of Larimer County which provide excellent opportunities for great inter-generational living that meet the needs of everyone.  We currently have a home listed that would be an amazing residence for a multi-generational family, especially if someone worked from home or there was a family business that several members of the family were involved in. This home is located in Water Valley in Windsor Colorado.

For another perspective on this same home that might appeal to you, please check out the handicapped accessible features of the home in another blog.  These features would really appeal to a family that had members who needed special care because of disability or aging associated conditions.

For a wonderful look at this unique home, check out our high quality video tour. Also, for more extensive information housing opportunities for multi-generational living, please see the right hand navigation or contact us.

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