• Article after article and report after report point us toward a robust economic recovery in Larimer County. Especially in Fort Collins we are seeing a vortex of positive energy driving our growing City.  Here are some wonderful examples of happenings that are driving us forward in to a bright future:
  • Banks are lending again allowing capital to flow to businesses that want to invest in infrastructure and people.
  • We are looking at a growing number of really good jobs, which points to increases in the service sector as well consumers buying more aggressively – sales tax revenues in Fort Collins alone are up over 4%.  Larimer County has more people employed than ever before and we are up thousands of jobs with a huge jump in employment in the last year. It has have one of the lowest unemployment rates in Colorado, standing at just under 6%, and this is also well below the national average.

Every Geographic Sector/Area in Fort Collins is Booming or about to Boom

  • Old Town Fort Collins just experienced the opening of the fabulous Fort Collins Discovery Museum.  A unique one of kind facility that is drawing large crowds as its reputation spreads.  Old Town is famous for its night life - microbreweries, great places to eat and excellent music to enjoy in various locations.
  • Midtown Fort Collins is about to have the Foothills Mall revamped and created anew.  CSU has a significant number of projects underway, including the remodel of the Lory Student Center which first opened in 1964.
  • The Mason Street Corridor, as its construction moves forward, is attracting new businesses along its route. A prime example is involves Walmart moving back into a facility it vacated many years ago.
  • Compared to 2011, in Fort Collins and also Loveland residential housing starts have experienced an over 50% increase.  Homes sold are up over 40%.  Check out my Blog on the Good Housing Ride Buyers and Sellers are experiencing right now. It will make you want to get into the market to move your current home and/or buy a home.
  • For investors, rental property pricing is now moving ahead and will soon be only available at inevitably higher prices as compared to today. Vacancy rates are at an all-time low at right around 2%.  You are guaranteed a renter if you buy a rental investment property.

Once again, Larimer County, and specifically Fort Collins, is showing its colors as a real hot spot for the nation’s road to economic recovery.   And, one of the most promising signs we are witnessing today is in the real estate market’s vibrancy for buyers and sellers.

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