According to the US Census there is a trend toward more families living together. This is becoming more common because of the economic downturn associated with the Great Recession and social/cultural changes taking place in our society.  When we were in Germany a few years ago we were surprised at the number of grandparents, children and their kids living in one home.  Usually the homes were two stories and the grandparents had an apartment in on one floor and their children and young ones on another.  Our own experience mirrors this phenomenon too.  We lived on a farm which had 4 generations of my family living there at once.  My parents lived next door about 20 paces away and my daughter’s family lived in an apartment in our residence to save money for the home they eventually would purchase.   It was really wonderful to see my grandkids interacting with their great grandparents, something that very few children get to experience.  We moved from the farm after my parents passed away (they live there for over 62 years).  Currently we are living in Fort Collins in Dakota Ridge a wonderful subdivision in Fort Collins. Keeping with the family tradition, we now live within a 5 minute walk of 3 of our grandkids (and of course their parents too).   We know of several other families who have purchased  homes that are actually next to each other here in Fort Collins.

We Can Help You Find a Multigenerational Home in Northern Colorado

I can’t remember how many folks from out of state have come to us for help and were moving here to be near their children and grandchildren or vice versa.  These are some of our favorite clients as it is extremely gratifying to help them accomplish their goal of being together - either in one home or two.  We know the entire Northern Colorado area well and have a great self-search tool here on this website – go to our Home Page and you will immediately see this self-search tool – we are very proud of it - try  it – you will love it – it is lightning fast!

Come join your family here in Northern Colorado — we are here to help you find that special home.

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