floodAs we are beginning to recover from the devastating historic floods here in Northern Colorado, one thing is becoming very clear.  Housing is going to be in short supply for a long time to come.  Thousands of people will be looking for homes and that will include displaced owners of large animals, especially horses.  Not only are the homes, barns, and corals gone, but also is the land where the animals grazed and had space to move about.  Nothing remains but rocks, sand, and mud where nice river bottom top soil once provided feed.  Some will be able to rebuild, others will be unable to redevelop their property and will be looking elsewhere to start over.

These rural folks will be scrambling to find a place for themselves and their animals before winter sets in and they will find very few properties to rent that will provide for their needs. Before the flood, we had been showing quite a few horse properties and writing some contracts, but it had been a difficult process.  Surprisingly, the properties have been selling quickly and going at market asking price or above.  There have been multiple offers on them as well.  The competition is only going to increase as people begin to look for properties that are on high ground that cannot be flooded again.

Now is the Time to Sell Your NoCo Horse Property

If you have a rural home/acreage that will accommodate large animals and you have been holding it off the market until you see prices moving upward rapidly, now is the time to think about getting it ready to sell and becoming familiar with the complexities involved in a sale that are unique to a rural property. 

I would be glad to take a look at your place, do a Comparative Market Analysis on it for pricing purposes, and go through what it would take to market and sell your property.  There are going to be more potential buyers for your rural home, and they will more than likely be willing to pay near asking price for it. Please contact me so we can get started!

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