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A profoundly troubling situation arises when sellers are caught unaware of problems that could undermine their need to sell their home at its highest potential price. One of the best steps that can be taken to avoid this is to have a professional home inspection prior to listing.

A pre-listing inspection can uncover previously unknown minor or major problems, allowing sellers the opportunity to make repairs or replacements as needed or deal, or not deal, with them as they wish. By being aware of these issues before the home goes on the market, it can be listed with a greater knowledge of its condition as would be reflected in the Seller's Property Disclosure. This can result in cleaner offers and a smoother transaction for both parties. Having well-informed sellers and buyers will work to everyone's advantage.

clip image of a large cartoon figure examine a smaller house with a magnifying glassMake Sure the Inspection is Comprehensive

Being sure that the pre-listing inspection is comprehensive is critical if it is to be considered valid by a potential buyer. We make sure that photographs are always part of a professional report so that full documentation of conditions is available to both the sellers and potential buyers. This is especially important when it comes to issues that might not be addressed or repaired prior to sale.

In many contracts a seller only has a couple of days to respond to an inspection objection and is caught off guard by an issue and what a buyer actually requests that they do about it. With a pre-inspection the seller will know beforehand about any problems and the real extent of them. This allows a seller to develop a response strategy immediately, rather than waiting for the pressure cooker environment caused by a short timeline and a lack of knowledge about what something will cost to fix and the various ways to fix it. Many contracts fail because the seller just does not have time to methodically analyze a request for a significant repair and because of this, the seller simply refuses to cooperate with the buyer and the contract fails.

a hand holds up a small model of a house against a yellow backgroundThe professional inspectors we refer to clients must carry E&O Insurance. We always make sure the report is generated immediately at the completion of the inspection so a seller can begin to gain knowledge about how to deal with potential repairs.

For more information about home inspections in general, check out this blog and its emphasis on the importance of buyer and seller cooperation in negotiating inspection items.

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