Is it the Right Home For You?

That seems like the most important question, but as you move through the process of buying a home, there are actually several things to keep in mind. Foremost is the question that you need to asking yourself continuously: “Do I consistently feel affirmed, happy and excited about this home?” When you begin feeling uncomfortable about the purchase, that is a good time to review your “must haves” in a home and ask yourself these questions below...

4 Questions to Ask Yourself When Doubt Creeps In:

  1. Did you push yourselves too far financially because you became emotionally attached to the home? In today’s intensely competitive market, prices are being forced up beyond the asking price in many cases. If buyers have not taken the time to fully understand why they have settled on a top price point, based on their personal budget parameters, they can often exceed a level of mortgage payment that leaves them “house poor.” This can lead to a miserable situation loaded with stress in which important other needs cannot be met.
  2. homeDid you fail to work through your “must have features” with the person who is purchasing the house with you?  Missing important features in a home that you originally would not have compromised on can lead to the feeling of “why am I buying this home?” Put your “must have features” in writing and have them uppermost in your mind when reviewing MLS property sheets and then ultimately viewing homes. One person’s enthusiasm can be very troubling for the other buyer when “must haves”  are not held clearly in mind by both parties.  
  3. How far and under what circumstances are you willing to compromise? Being willing to compromise can be hard and is usually part of every home buying experience. One needs to be ready to do so, but real doubt about a property on one party’s part should result in moving on to another potential home. 
  4. At what point do I know this is the wrong house? Gut level feelings are important and should be listened to. Make sure you continue to have synergy with the home you have under contract. A buyer must feel that the home will truly be a sanctuary for them – if it does not, then it is time to terminate the purchase. Buying a home is the most complicated and important personal and financial decision most of us make. Don’t get caught with Buyer’s Remorse. 

We hope this helps guide you in the right direction when making this important decision. If you would like more tips, our website has a large section dedicated to helping you understand the Ins and Outs of Buying a Home. Also, please always feel free to contact us for help in evaluating your personal situation. The resources and data we provide can help make some of the tough decisions easier.

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