A common problem in older neighborhoods is the deterioration of wooden fences. It will eventually become an issue for many people living in older areas. I was made aware of this unique solution to stabilizing wooden posts that have either been damaged or rotted off.

Fence mender to the rescue

A friend of mine installed a fence mender along a very wobbly fence that was dangerously close to being blown down by a strong wind. The units were installed quickly and they immediately stabilized the posts. He then dug a small hole around the post and poured concrete around each one to add some additional support. One or two units can be installed on a post depending on the condition of the post. They can also be driven in between the post and the original concrete poured around it too.


Extend the life of your fence

This solution will work well for posts that are wobbly, leaning, or moderately damaged. You'll be able to extend the life of your fence with minimal trouble or expense.

Save yourself some time and effort! You don't need to take the whole fence down, dig the old post and concrete out, put in a new post, and reassemble the fence. Just install these and you will be very happy with the results! At less than $10 each, they're an inexpensive solution to what could otherwise be a major problem.


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